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Some players getting DC and some are not, sometimes DC strikes in a wrong time. Well for my personal experience t`was nearly killed the Ensign then suddenly i got DC then i tried to reconnect, already can`t join the M.War channel. This is my suggestion that we players who got dc at the last moment could still join the M.War channel even if its already done cause the earned point with a hard work with pushing and blocking would be pointless if not being claimed. Thank you :) it would be my appreciation if taken action. Just a little concern of me. More Power to AGN and AsCabal :)

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That would be impossible. 

Once TG has closed or ended, no one will be able to enter the channel. This goes for the official servers, too. 

As for the frequent crash, we are constantly monitoring the issue and rest assured that this will be resolved in no time.

To compensate with the lost efforts, we are planning to conduct events with honor points as prizes. 


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